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  1. Face Shield Splash Guard – New Disposable Protection!

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    Face Shield Splash Guard – New Disposable Protection!

    Super Light… Don’t pull too tight!

    Face Shield MDEL FDA Approved Printex Transparent Packaging has stepped up and refocused its manufacturing capacity to help produce essential emergency supplies during this COVID crisis. We are proud to be one of the businesses who can quickly manufacture and supply emergency face splash guards and other innovative solutions to support our North American response to COVID-19. Our disposable plastic face splash guards are made in North America at our plants in Montreal Canada and Long Island NY. We produce and sell a Face Shield Splash Guard that is disposable, has a simple adjustable size band, and is made of clear PET recyclable plastic. This protective face shield is made to be light weight and easy to wear. This protective face shield fits well over glasses and masks. Printex Transparent Packaging’s sneeze guard masks protects the mouth, nose and eyes from sprays and light droplets.

    Manufacturing Frontline Medical Protection:

    Printex Transparent Packaging remains open and operational with staff working from home and in our production facilities, and we are proud to contribute to the needs of the medical community protecting us. On Friday, 20th of March, Dr. Michael Warner, an ICU Physician at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital stated, “If we run out of personal protective equipment, we cannot treat people with COVID-19, full stop. That means we can’t even enter their rooms, let alone give them medication, give them meals, put breathing tubes in or provide them with any type of care”.

    Ensuring business continuity:

    Printex Transparent Packaging will prioritize the production of disposable plastic face splash guards and continue to manufacture domestic clear folding cartons in our Long Island NY and Montreal Canada facilities. Both plants can take on production from the other, in the event of a disruptive outbreak in either plant. Significant additional hygiene and cleaning process’ have been implemented at all locations. We also have multiple suppliers for our key raw materials. We are the largest supplier of clear folding boxes in North America and we intend to use our resources to supply the demand for Protective face shield splash guards. We applaud the medical professionals in the front line protecting us and are proud to do our part to support their response to COVID-19. In turbulent times like this – we’ll get through this together.

    Available Immediately:

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